The team


Dennis has been with us since the early days. He has written more lines of code than any of us. He likes to take care of our servers, databases, search algorithmes and security. 

Dennis (Claas)

Yes, another Dennis. Confusing right? To make life easier we call this Dennis 'Claas'. Claas is our man when it comes to front-end, our ERP system and test frameworks. He enjoys learning about the newest web technnologies. 


Linda is our sales-star. She will not rest before all recruitment agencies in the Netherlands use our platform. 


Merel makes sure we have a good online presence and usability and thinks of ways to keep improving on the user experience for both job seekers and recruitment agencies. Together, Linda and Merel make sure that is a well-known concept for all job seekers and recruitment agencies in the Netherlands. All they want is all of our customers to be happy all the time. 


Bert's expertise is app development. He (almost) single-handedly developed our Iphone and Android app. 


Janek did his 3rd year internship with us, during which he worked on improving the job application process. After finishing his internship, he stuck around to keep on working on this project a couple of days a week. 


Just like Janek, Joris also did an internship at Hippo and stuck around for a few days a week afterwards. He assisted Dennis and Claas with implementing Elasticsearch, and is now working on data logging. 


 Rob is one of our interns. He is implementing a redesign of the RecruitmentCenter. When he is done with that, all the recruiters who use our platform can perfectly use all our services on all devices! 


 Ivo is also doing an internship at Hippo, and he spends his time on our job module, which is used by our customers to publish their jobs on their own website. Ivo will improve this module ánd add the most frequently requested features. And that's not all, he will also work on the overall performance of our jobsite 


Last but not least, Max is doing this graduate internship at Hippo. He focusses on the structure of our code to improve on the quality and to increase the use of automated code testing. When he succesfully fineshes his internship (which we have no doubt about) he will have earned his bachelor's degree!