Hippo is an IT-company with Dutch roots, but with international ambitions. We have big plans for the future, and we need to expand our team to realise them. But, highly educated developers are scarce in the Netherlands. We take this as an opportunity to invite our fellow-European software engineers to join our team. Read on if you are interested in a career as software developer in the Netherlands! 

We would love an international colleague

Why? We like to think globally. Many of us have seen much of what the world has to offer, by going backpacking or studying abroad. We are interested in other cultures, religions, habits and believes. We can learn more than code-related aspects from each other. 

The job

As a developer at Hippo, you will be working on improving Uitzendbureau.nl, the largest job board for temporary work in The Netherlands. We develop our software with many well-known technologies, such as: MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, NodeJS, PHP, AngularJS, HTML5, JavaScript, SASS (CSS) and Bootstrap. We also use multiple tools to ensure our software quality. All of our production environments are running Linux servers in AWS. 

The team

We work with a small and sociable team. With about 10 people we keep the show going. Every day, we have lunch together and we like to play pingpong, darts and table football on a daily basis. Besides that, we regularly go on team outings. We have been laser gaming, electric motor crossing and many other cool activities. Or we just have a drink after work. 

Click here to get an impression of who could be your future co-workers. 

We all live in and around Boxmeer. Some of us are city-folks, others feel more at home in smaller towns. Luckily for us, Boxmeer is a perfect place to reach for both the city-folks and the small-town folks. If you consider moving to the Netherlands, and you prefer the city over a small town, than Nijmegen is the way to go. Nijmegen is just 30 km from Boxmeer and you can join Claas, Max, Ivo, Janek and Merel in their daily commute.

Living in Nijmegen - the oldest city in the Netherlands

Nijmegen is the oldest and one of the most beautiful cities of the Netherlands. You can find plenty of historical buildings all over the city. The city centre is charming with many bars, restaurants and shops. And, being a university city, many (international) students are around, which gives the city a young and positive vibe. 

Every summer, one of the biggest events in the Netherlands is hosted in Nijmegen: the Four Days Marches. People all over the world travel to Nijmegen to participate or to cheer on the participants. Annually more than 42.000 walkers challenge themselves to walk 50 km per day for 4 consecutive days. Don't feel like walking? That's no problem at all, because all week, the entire city is full of music, people and festivities. It's also referred to as The Walk of The World.. something you will be looking forward to! 

Getting around in the Netherlands

Many Dutch organizations and people are internationally orientated. Almost every Dutch person understands and speaks at least basic English. So, with a decent skillset of the spoken and written word in English, you will have no trouble getting around. And of course, we are happy to help you to improve your Dutch if you'd like. 

Contact us! 

Would you like to know more about joining our team? Please send us your contact information and cv in an e-mail and we will get back to you!   

Get in touch with Dennis Broeks via recruitment@hippo.co